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El Gibbor: Mighty Warrior God

Isaiah 9:6

Mighty Warrior God
El Gibbor

El Gibbor, Mighty Warrior God! I cry out to You! I need You, Lord!

The orders came down so suddenly that I don’t know how to handle them.

He leaves in the morning; he is packing while I am trying to figure out my world.

Help me, El Gibbor! I need Your strength, Your wisdom, and especially Your peace.

El Gibbor, please be with my child! Why do these things happen when he is gone?

My child is so far away from me, yet she needs me and her father.

No, she needs You. She needs Your comfort, Your clarity, and Your protection.

Lord, send people to help her during this car crash.

I know You are with her, but she needs to feel Your presence.

Mighty Warrior God, I need you to be with my husband.

He is worried as he is across the world from us.

Be his shield, and have his back.

Protect him from distractions, commotions, diversions, and preoccupations.

Keep him focused on his mission and his team’s well-being.

El Gibbor, my Mighty Warrior God, I need you to be with me.

My pillow is full of tears, and my mind swirls with dreams of catastrophe.

Remind me, minute by minute, that You are with me.

Help me to walk in peace and tranquility.

Protect me from the flaming arrows of Satan.

El Gibbor sustain me in the fight for my children and my family.

Remind me to pray without ceasing, to lift up my husband while he is in harm’s way.

Remind me to give thanks in all circumstances, whether good or bad.

Help me remind my family of Your faithfulness and power daily.

El Gibbor, my Mighty God, be with us.




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Jennifer Wake is an Army wife, mother of 3 grown children, PWOC board member, teacher, trainer and women’s speaker and writer. 

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