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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Wake is an Army wife, mother of three grown children, teacher, and writer.  She is a chemistry/physics teacher by trade, an Accredited Financial Counselor by interest, and a writer/speaker of God’s Word by His calling.


She is married to an Army Chaplain and has served in chapels in various locations from Germany to the Mojave Desert. Over the past 25 years, she has made a home for the Wakes 14 times and persevered through multiple deployments of her soldier. S God has called her to mentor military spouses, especially chaplain spouses who serve sacrificially. Her various passions include speaking to military women, writing books and blogs, developing Bible training material, networking with women all over the Army, and professional quilting. She leads weekly Bible studies, speaks at programs, and shares devotionals. She volunteers with Planting Roots, a ministry for military women by military women as the Community team Administrative Assistant. She helps organize the Community team members, leads Coffee and Connect sessions virtually with military women around the globe, writes blogs, and serves on the Bible study writing team.


 Her most recent large writing project is “Stop the Modern-Day Exodus: How Stories of God’s Faithfulness Can Transform Generations.”  In 2021, she published “Call Signs: How Knowing God’s Character Empowers Women to Accomplish His Mission” and is publishing a follow-on book: “Call Sign Jehovah: How Knowing the Facets of God’s Character Reminds Women of Their Mission.” She has written blogs for her website, Planting Roots, and East Coast Journal. In the fall of 2022 Legacy Magazine will publish one of her articles online and in print format. American Bible Society has included two of her finance articles in their new “Warfighter Study Bible.” She has taught about the tradition of Advent, the Royal Ladies in Christ’s Lineage, fasting, and the names of God. She is working with a team of ladies to write a curriculum to be used to train PWOC board members around the world. When she isn’t traveling to visit her three adult children, you can find her in her quilting room in Springfield, VA. She loves walking in the woods with her wonderful husband and her Bernedoodle dog, Shenny.

Jennifer Wake
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