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Sharing God's Word to Encourage Women

Jennifer Wake Speaker


I love to share God's Word to encourage women to grow in their faith. I can create a retreat relating to your group's theme. I love to teach about the Names of God, His Faithfulness, the Ladies in His Geneology.

One Day Programs

I am passionate about finding any venue to help women to grow in their faith. I can create a program for a special event related to your group's theme. I enjoy sharing about God's Names, His Faithfulness, and especially Advent.  I can demonstrate how to make an Advent Wreath and share the traditions behind this beautiful symbol of faithfulness and use it to remind you about the true meaning of Christmas.

Jennifer Wake Speaker
Jennifer Wake Training

PWOC Leadership Training

Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) board training, is one of my passions. PWOC is close to my heart and I enjoy board retreats and training board members. Women's ministry is key to church growth and connections.

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