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Do you long to grow in your understanding of God’s names and character? Would you like to be empowered to accomplish His mission for you in the places He sends you?


Jennifer Wake has been there. As a military wife and author, she has been stationed worldwide with her Chaplain husband. She desires to glorify God with her time and talents at each different duty station. But it wasn’t until God literally slowed her down that she realized everything she needed to accomplish that mission was found in His names and  His character. As she began to study the Hebrew names of God and His Call Signs, she realized the power available to us in calling on God according to His Character and promises. 


Call Signs is a Bible Study that covers 6 Hebrew names for God. Each Call Sign includes:


*Relevant content through a biblical lens

*Discussion questions to make personal connections

*Prayers for calling on God according to His character


Perfect for small group or individual study, Call Signs will empower you to activate the power of God’s character in your own life, no matter how your circumstances change.

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Call Signs
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