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Prayer to El Roi

El Roi, thank You for seeing me in the morning. For sending brilliant sunrises and cloudy mornings. Thank You for frosty crisp mornings and birds singing.

You see me when I wake up to crying children. Thank You for meeting me when dreams turn into nightmares. Thank You for being with me when someone in my house is sick. You see our dreams and know when noises wake us up. You are with me when I comfort my child or get startled awake by an unknown noise.

El Roi, You see me during the day. When I am working and need strength to deal with toxic people around me, You give me strength.

During diaper changing and constant housework, You see me in the midst of everyday struggles.

You see my work even if no one else notices it. You see me when I am successful or when I am passed over for a promotion. You see my hard work and remind me that You are proud of me.

When I am studying and learning, You help me focus and encourage me.

When the sun is setting, You see me as I leave my job. You encourage me during my commute and when I miss my connection. When I start to lose my temper, You see me and help me hold my tongue.

Making dinner and cleaning dishes, I turn to You for strength and encouragement to continue. When no one else notices me, You see me. When dishes break or something spills, You see me.

El Roi you have seen me at my lowest. When I feel totally alone, You are with me. When I try to hide from You, You see me.

During times of making poor choices with alcohol or drugs, You see me. I can’t hide from You. In the midst of making choices that will impact my life negatively for years, You are with me and see me. You offer me forgiveness for all my sins, no matter the size.

Thank You for never leaving me and never forgetting me. Thank You for seeing me on good days and bad days. When I mess up, You see me and love me. When I lose my temper, You see me and forgive me. When I am doing great, You see me and are proud of me.

Thank You for being with me and seeing me when no one else does. Amen.

El Roi, The Lord Sees



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Jennifer Wake is an Army wife, mother of 3 grown children, PWOC board member, teacher, trainer and women’s speaker and writer. 

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