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El Emet: God of Truth

Psalm 31:1-5

Prayer to God of Truth
El Emet God of Truth

Oh Lord, how majestic is your name!

El Emet, God of Truth. You are firm, reliable, and trustworthy!

You are faithful and unchangeable, and You are the Truth!

What You have said will come to pass in Your perfect time!

When I doubt, remind me You are Truth!

When I am scared, remind me You are my firm foundation!

In the darkest times, remind me You are with me, and show me Your light!

When storms threaten to overwhelm me, remind me You are my Rock!

Society deceives my children; instruct me how to show them Your Truth.

When my kids are walking down paths of half-truths and confusion,

El Emet, please bring them back to You.

Draw them with Your unchangeable love and absolute Truth.

When my family and friends need You, send me to shine Your light.

May my words show people You are the Truth and draw them to You to show them Your love.

Guard my mouth and heart so whatever comes out will please You.

Oh, El Emet, don’t let me step onto the twisted paths of lies surrounding me.

El Emet, take my children out of the snares of the evil one.

Protect them from this world.

Be their refuge amid storms.

Redeem them, Lord, bring them back to Your family.




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Jennifer Wake is an Army wife, mother of 3 grown children, PWOC board member, teacher, trainer and women’s speaker and writer. 

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